Beach Closed

Today of all days, I felt like giving in and returning to a life of high pay and high stress because that’s the only pattern I know. I felt like succumbing to the pressures of limited resources. Today, I felt silly for peeking my head above the clouds and dreaming a childish dream.

In my meditation, I asked in moment of clarity, ‘What sign or proof do I have that going down the road less travelled will amount to fulfilment?’

I was amazed that after just a few weeks of this meditation stuff, I could receive an answer.

A sea of immense warmth poured over me. With eyes closed, I saw the brightest yellow glow. And I felt as if I was floating, like I was being taken on a journey. In a split second, with no words this time, I knew.

We are filled and surrounded by more love, goodness and security than we realise.

Life will ebb and flow. Our days will be filled with ups and downs. Some days we will feel like getting our skis on. Other days we will feel like drowning.

But how will we know that choosing a different fork in the road is still worth taking?

I think, it is when we begin to feel disconnected from the formality of our lives.

When we begin to observe ourselves as con artists in our own Ocean’s Eleven.

When we want to dive into the most inviting sea only to be met with a BEACH CLOSED sign.

We will know then that slowly, it is time to wake up.

Because there is something inside that tells us none of this feels natural anymore.

When that happens there will be no alternative.



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